At CompuSite we believe that the customer is the most important part of a business, that is why we treat our customers with all the respect and time they deserve. We do not charge for our estimates and we try in all of the possible cases to give you the lowest prices in the market today. However we consider that the warranty and the good service are more important and sometimes you have to pay a little more to obtain those advantages. We provide service to the entire Puerto Rico with base on San Juan. Our compromise is to arrive at your office as fast as we can so you can continue operating with the least interruption possible. Please select our service detail information by browsing to the items that appear on the left bar in this screen.

We would be very happy to assist you in case you need some extra information.

Network Installations

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Software Integration

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Accounting Solutions

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Point of Sale Solutions

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Maintenance Contracts

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CCTV & Voice
Over IP

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IT Consulting in various fields

Web Design

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We specialise in web design, web development and graphic design.

Disaster Recovery

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Our disaster recovery solutions will give your business peace of mind in case of an emergency.

Cloud based solutions and Virtualization

Cutting edge technology to virtualize all your business needs. Save money start today.

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